We've thought about the drawbacks of working with a protective screen and have improved many of its features so that you can work safely and comfortably.

Screen with preform, heat treated has been given the curvature of the contour of the face.
Special thickness to give it more consistency and durability.

The front support is made of an ultra-lightweight material, it does NOT absorb sweat and has a wide surface to achieve a good fixation and avoid vibrations.

Extra wide elastic tape to exert a good subjection distributing the pressure by a more extensive area and thus to avoid the fatigue.

We use certified materials in origin (polymer screen patented by BAYER).

Glasses can be used as they have the amplitude to do so.

Easily disinfected with neutral soap, alcohol and disinfectant products.

- Ultra-light.
- Suitable for food applications.
- High chemical resistance.
- High resistance to direct impacts.
- Anti-fog*.
- Frontal adjustment of reticulated polyurethane.
- Anti-fatigue elastic band (no pressure adjustment).

*Face screen with anti-fogging qualities in the conditions shown in the photographs.


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